Graphic memories
Chapter 1 follows the life of Christine a former child soldier in the Lords Resistance Army
Graphic memories a multi media graphic novel i created with Marc Ellison has just been nominated for the worl press awards

My name is Mr. Christian Mafigiri , I was born 2nd December , 1982 . I am a graphics illustrator and I hope that you can find my services valuable to the publications you plan to undertake as visual aids to the various topics and subjects you or your organisation plan to publish.

There are several reasons why illustrations are needed ; For starters you need some one to visulalise your concept or idea and to formulate it -into a drawing , that every one can see and appreciate , the value of the idea greatly increases because of the depiction of this vision .
You also need illustrations to bridge the communications gap that cannot be provided by video , audio or any other media form , as a tool of mass communication , illustrations help fill in the gaps in a narration of parts of a story or subject that would otherwise not be captured visually or using audio . For example if you were to depict a past experience , you can easily explain this through narration but the use of illustrations as visual aids captures that very moment in time for an audience that was otherwise not with you at that particular moment in time. Another example could be trying to depict a vision , probably in a future setting , of something you plan to do , illustrations help bring this vision out in vivid detail that assists you narrative in a way unlike any other , as there is no way of going into the future to capture this on video .
Illustrations also help explain events , of the present time and recent past at a level of detail that an audience can easily relate to and won’t have trouble understanding unlike something depicted in text format . Depicting your personal or organizational objectives in a written text format with ought the aid of visual illustrations will lead to audiences dropping the booklet or publication simply because it is “boring ” and people simply do not have the time to read through text . Statistics have shown that majority of newspaper readers ( the main audience ) do not spend more than 3-5 minutes per story , they normally look for cartoons , photos and large headlines first before anything , and with the emerging social media age , people also barely pay attention to anything visually stimulating .
With that being said , why me ? Christian Mafigiri is one if not probably the best illustrator in the country . Very few people can challenge that , he’s vast experience in this field has led to his works being published at a national and international level . Locally he his works have been published at a national level since he’s first year at University for Monitor Publications-Daily Monitor , The Red Paper , Entassi , The Onion , The Buzz magazine , Development News ( Tanzania ) and Internationally he is recognized by editors in The London Times , London , England , The Toronto Star , Toronto , Canada , and Zeit Online , Berlin , Germany . He has also self published two graphic novel series ( TEKKE , and CHILDREN OF WAR ) that are available in bookshops across Kampala.

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